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As drinkers, we understand that a cask should be served correctly and also fully used, obtaining 0.5 pint of waste per cask, minimising waste & cost. With a background in steel fabrication for over 38 years, we have improved the traditional lifters and auto lifts by adding stainless steel contact points, safety features and a lightweight lift. This system can be supplied as standard or custom made to fit your space. It can also be adapted to store kegs and ancillary items. Shelving is another option to maximise storage. You'd be amazed how much beer you can have in such a small space.

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Arcol Cask Master stock a wide range of brewery products aiming to provide the best possible storage system, that allows you to serve quality ale with a minimum of effort. This system allows you to use 4.5 / 9 / 10 / 11 gallon casks all on the same rack, by sliding the individual auto-tilts into your desired positions. It is designed to be completely flexible and fit in any space possible. We can also fabricate the racks to your preferred height and width, dependent on your location. The rack can be easily loaded using our pub favourite, the 'Cask Lifter'.

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