The King’s Ditch

Address:51 Lower Gungate,
Staffs B79 7AS

Double fronted building with beams in ceiling, beers from 12 stillage, 4 on usually and 7 ciders, all from the cask no hand pull. Formerly a cycle shop, the interior consists of a single ground floor room plus a small drinking area upstairs, allowing for around 40 people. Bare brick and wood characterises the simple, modern style of the decor.

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Good range of real ciders and nice range of real ale,nice staff,but decor bit too plain for me.

Colin Eastwood

The best pub in Tamworth, they don’t have customers they have friends. It is the only drinking establishment where I feel at ease. NO tv or piped music only conversation. BrILLIANT !!!!! 11 0ut of 10

Colin Eastwood

I am converted to Micro pubs. The Kings ditch is the Best I have found, but the Anchored @ Worthing is a strong contender

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