Rat Race Ale House

Address:Hartlepool Railway Station,
Station Approach,
TS24 7ED
Website:Visit Site

Based in a room at Hartlepool Railway Station that has been, at various points in its existence, a waiting room, a taxi company office and a newsagent, this pub is owned and managed by Peter Morgan. The pub measures just 20ft by 14ft and so small there is not enough room for a bar so Peter pours the drinks directly from the cellar. This is a fantastic example of the micropub concept with over 540 different ales served since its opening.

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Unfortunately there isn’t a minus rating for this establishment. I have visited a few lovely micropubs including Sherlock’s in middlesbrough. But the rat race was very far from lovely. We were greeted by the owner who’s only conversation for the entire time we were there was What. I myself ordered half a cider, which I only drank a few mouthfuls of. This was the worst drink I have ever had. It was that bad it made me ill. With the lack of customer service and the out of date alcohol. We will not be returning



A warm welcome, a fine selection of beers in top condition (lots crammed into a tiny space), some friendly customers and the best location by far for those coming in by train.


Excellent little pub, been many times and had several well kept beers. Cleveland CAMRA award winner too.


One of the best bars in the country. Tiny, but the beer is always good and the clientele interesting.


Heard a few comments about this place from a taxi driver in the town. Very few were complimentary and most targeted at the attitude of the landlord.

My experience is that the Beer is excellent, (in both choice and quality) the environment pleasant enough and the landlord was pleasant to me and my party, however he was thoroughly rude to another group who came in and a little offhand at times.

That said, the customers were nice, and the three pints I had were fantastic. I will go back.

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