Rooster’s Brewery

Brewing Volume(Barrels per week) :110
Telephone:01423 865959
Rooster’s Brewery was established in 1993 by the much acclaimed Sean Franklin. Sean was one of the first people to introduce New World aroma hops to the UK - brewing mainly hop-forward pale ales. In 2011, the Fozard family purchased Rooster’s when Sean retired. Ian Fozard had run a small Yorkshire Pub Company. Oliver Fozard, his son had been a brewer since he left school working at two pioneering Yorkshire breweries. Tom Fozard, Oliver’s brother had worked at a specialist beer retailer and had also extensive hospitality experience. Together they have modernised Rooster’s whilst maintaining Sean Franklin’s approach. Rooster’s now offers beers in cask, keg, can and bottle and offers a complete range of craft beer styles. Our emphasis, above all is on quality and consistency - our achievement of the SALSA quality standard is testament to this.