Riviera Brewing Company Ltd

Brewing Volume(Barrels per week) :1
Riviera Brewing started commercial operations in April 2015 from a small 1 Barrel (300 pint) plant in Paignton, Devon. Head Brewer Alan works for an Engineering Company and brews part time producing traditional ales. Hops used range from the traditional Challenger, Fuggle and Golding but most RBC Ales also feature the use of Cascade, Bramling Cross and Chinook Hops. The Ale is mainly sold directly the public in small cask, Bag in Box and bottle. 9 Gallon Firkin and 4.5 Gallon Pins are also available on an occasional basis in festivals. Christmas Ales brewed including a strong Dark Winter Warmer Santa Express 5% and a light Pale Ale Christmas Gold 4% .

Beers Description ABV%
RBC Best A session ale, dark Copper colour 4%
Riviera Gold Golden Ale, Hoppy and Fruity. Brewed with Cascade and Chinook Hops 4.2%
Beach Blonde A blonde Ale brewed with extra Cascade and Chinook Hops for fruit and citrus aroma 4%
Torbay Express Premium Ale, copper colour brewed with Bramling Cross Hops 4.8%