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We’ve been brewing our beers in the fine city of Bristol since 2007. All of our beers are brewed with the intention of creating something we’ll enjoy drinking ourselves and,…

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Exit 33 Brewing Ltd

Our brewing journey began back in July 2008 in an old cutlery works in the East end of our home town, Sheffield. After a few low-key years learning our trade…

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Great Heck Brewing Company Ltd

Based in the Yorkshire flatlands near Selby, Great Heck has an enviable reputation for its beers having won numerous awards at every level, from pub beer festivals to a best…

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Backyard Brewhouse

We are a 10 barrel brewery. Set up in 2008 and expanded to our current size in 2012. We current produce an average of 45 barrels a week. 4 core…

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Tractor Shed Brewing

We brew our beer in a shed where the farmer kept his tractors. We prefer to brew great beer than think of a cool name for our brewery. There's no…

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Kent Brewery

Brewed from our farmhouse on the Birling Estate, we supply a wide range of beers throughout London, the south east and further afield.

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Rat Brewery

This bespoke 6 brewers barrel plant produces 120 firkins per week. Our Brewers have created Rodent themed beers to critical acclaim and have won a string of Awards. The Rat…

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Black Tap Brewing Company started back in 2011 when accountants (yes, accountants) Chris and Nicky Roberts, who had a passion for craft beer, started home brewing. Back then the beer…

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Black Tap Brewing Co.

Based in the Heart of Redditch in Worcestershire, Black Tap Brewery brews a variety of beers mainly consumed in the bar of the pub - The Black Tap Brew Pub,…

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Lincoln Green Brewing Company

Established in 2012, Lincoln Green Brewing Company takes its name from the colour of dyed woollen cloth associated with the legend of Robin Hood. Proud to brew in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire,…

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