The Micropub and Microbrewery Association is a membership based organisation committed to promoting and celebrating all that is great with the concept of the micropub and microbrewery movement.

The micropub movement was initially spearheaded by the Micropub Association which was co-founded by Stu Hirst and Martyn Hillier back in 2012. Martyn Hillier, the founder of the micropub concept led the way for others to follow when he opened up the very first micropub in Herne, Kent, way back in 2005. At the time, the Micropub Association set out to build a community of like-minded real ale pioneers willing and able to share their experiences on all matters relating to opening and running a micropub.

As of March 31st 2016, the Micropub Association  embarked upon a new and exciting direction; its remit widened to incorporate the rapidly expanding microbrewery community.  “Broadening our community to include the microbrewers seems like a natural and obvious step for the Micropub Association and we are excited by the many benefits that this will bring to both the micropubs and the microbrewers,” said Martyn Hillier, co-founder of the Micropub Association. “As well joining with current microbrewery owners we are hoping that the many aspiring microbrewers across the UK will join with us to seek out help and advice on setting up and running their own brewery. “

What is a micropub?

‘A Micropub is a small freehouse which listens to its customers, mainly serves cask ales, promotes conversation, shuns all forms of electronic entertainment and dabbles in traditional pub snacks’

Join Us

You can browse the website for free but as a member you’ll be able to enjoy many benefits including viewing and contributing to the online Forum. The Forum contains lots of information on how to set up and run your own Micropub and Microbrewery and you’ll be able to find out all sorts of valuable information on issues such as profit margins, insurance, planning, equipment and premises renovation. In addition, there are a number of membership options available to micropubs, microbreweries as well as suppliers.

Our hope is that the Micropub and Microbrewery Association will be a place where like-minded real ale lovers can share their experiences.

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